Partricitapion fees

The application is valid only when the participant fee has been paid. The application is binding, the fee will not be refunded.

Deadline for participation fees: April 15

Participation fees for all solo categories:

April 2 to April 15
Age group A.
Up to 9 years
700 SEK
Age group B.
10 — 12 years
750 SEK
Age group C.
13 — 15 years
800 SEK
Age group D.
16 — 19 years
850 SEK
Age group E.
20 — 26 years
900 SEK

Participation fee for ensemble category:

April 2 to April 15
Age group 1.
Up to 13 years
500 SEK/participant
Age group 2.
14 — 18 years
550 SEK/participant
Age group 3.
19 — 26 years
600 SEK/participant

Accompaniment category fee:

April 2 to April 15
500 SEK

Participation fees can be paid to

Kulturföreningen Semibrevis
Address: Ektorpsvägen 39, 131 47 Nacka, Sweden
Galina Ehrngren
SEB bank:
Account number: 5257-1059475 
IBAN: SE9450000000052571059475 
Attention! Please mark your deposit with participant’s name, age group and competition category.

For those needing an accompanist

For those needing an accompanist, the competition’s organizing committee can provide professional accompanists (non-competing) . Please contact the organizing committee by the 1st of April. Accompanist service fee is 500 SEK for age groups A and B, 700 SEK for age groups C, D and 800 SEK for age group Е. With this fee the participant receives the services of a professional pianist for one rehearsal and for the performances during the competition. Sheet music for this accompanist should be sent to no later than the 1st of April. Payment for the accompanist must be made in cash on the day of registration

Official accompanists are Dmitry Tyapkin, Asuka Nakamura and Julia Koydan.