Polina Karelina
German Markhasin

Ensemble Group 3, № 194

Russia, Yekaterinburg
Ural State Mussorgsky Conservatory
Teacher: Elena Lukyanova

• A. Scriabin. Fantasy for two pianos a-moll
• A. Popov. "Winter twilight", cycle of pieces for piano in 4 hands ("Road","Elegy","Lullaby","Waltz","Christmas")
• F. Schubert. Rondo D-Dur for piano 4 hands ("Our friendship is unchangeable")
• A. Casella, "Pages of War", four musical films for piano in 4 hands, op. 25 (1. "In Belgium: the passage of German heavy artillery"; 2. "In France: over the ruins of Reims Cathedral"; 3. "In Russia: Cossack cavalry attack"; 4. "In Alsace: wooden crosses")

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