Mats Widlund

piano / Sweden

Professor at the Royal College of Music / Edsberg Slott, Stockholm

Tamara Poddubnaya

piano / USA

Professor, head of the Piano Department at the Long Island Conservatory of Music, NY.

Ivan Mikhaylov

piano, ensemble / Russia

Ph.D., Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, professor at the St.Petersburg State Conservatory

Rolf Lindblom

piano / Sweden

Professor at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm

Mikhail Vorotnoy

piano, ensemble / Russia

Ph.D., professor, deputy director of the Institute of music, theater and choreography of Herzen University, secretary of the Interregional Concert Union.

Stanislaw Tichonow

piano / Austria

Professor at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory in Eisenstadt and Richard Wagner Conservatory in Vienna

Polina Leschenko

piano / Germany

Concert pianist, professor at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, Belgium

Elena Power

piano / Sweden

Head of the Piano Department at Musikskolan Lilla Akademien, Stockholm

Elena Semishina

chamber ensemble / Russia

Head of ensemble dep. St.Petersburg State Conservatory, Professor

Inga Dzektser

chamber ensemble / Russia

Honorary member of the Philharmonic Society, professor St. Petersburg State Conservatory

Victoria Power

piano / Sweden

Methodologist and piano teacher at Musikskolan Lilla Akademien, Stockholm

Yan Shuang Lindblom

piano / Sweden, China

Head of the Piano Departement at the China Conservatory (China, Beijing) and teacher of the Sundbybergs Music School and Lysor International Music School, Stockholm

Inga Maknavičienė

piano / Lithuania

Associate professor at the Klaipėda University

Marc Power

violin / Sweden

Violinist at the Swedish Royal Opera, concertmaster of the Stockholm Strauss Orchestra and the Swedish Royal Chamber Orchestra

Igor Tkatchouk

violin / Belgium

Professor at the Institut Supérieur de Musique et de Pédagogie in Namur and at the Tchaikovsky School of Music, Brussels

Nathan Braude

violin, viola / Belgium

Professor at the Royal College of Music, London, UK

Viktoria Kalschikova

violin / Russia

Violin teacher and methodologist, ex head of the String Department of the Sviridov Music School in St. Petersburg

Sirkka Kuula

violin / Finland

Senior teacher at the Espoo music institute

Kristel Eeroja‐Põldoja

violin / Estonia

Head of the String Department of the H. Eller Music School in Tartu

Evgeny Brodotsky

viola / Russia

Associate Professor at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory

Magnus Lanning

cello / Sweden

Artist at the Swedish Radio Orchestra (Stockholm)

Ganna Nuzha

cello / Ukraine, Sweden

Professor at the National Music Academy of Ukraine, Honoured Artist of Ukraine

Oleg Sendetsky

cello / Russia

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, principal cellist of the Mariinsky Theatre, Associate Professor of the Herzen University (St. Petersburg)

Vadim Messerman

cello / Russia

Honored Artist of Russia, principal cellist of the St.Petersburg State Academic Capella, professor of St. Petersburg State Culture Institute

Andrey Ivanov

cello / Russia

Ph.D., associate professor, dean of the orchestral faculty of St. Petersburg State Conservatory

Artem Chirkov

double bass / Russia

Principal double bassist of the St.Petersburg Philharmonic orchestra, president of Annual international festival "Double bass world" (Russia), board director of Bradetich Foundation (USA), member of Bassiona Amorosa Double Bass Ensemble (Germany)

Margareta Nilsson

harp / Sweden

Soloist, chamber and orchestral musician, teacher of the “Lilla Akademien”, Stockholm

Irina Tischenko

harp / Russia

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, professor at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory

Anna Makarova

harp / Russia

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, professor at the St.Petersburg State Conservatory, principal harpist of the St.Petersburg State Philarmonic orchestra

Maria Tuturilova

harp / Austria

Concert harpist and teacher, member of "Who is Who Austria" from 2009, master.

Chaerin Kim

harp / USA

Harp and piano professor at University of Massachusetts Boston, Schloss Akademie in Germany, harp and piano through the Office of Arts at Harvard University, artistic director of UIMC, an artist with the TTF Entertainment company in China

Nadezhda Sergeeva

harp / Russia

Teacher of Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music, curator of concert programs of the State Historical Museum, teacher of the Taneev music school and "Sirius" high school

Claes Wahlroth

flute / Sweden

Teacher of the specialist music course at the Södra Latin Gymnasium, Stockholm

Jovana Jelovac Stojanov

flute / Sweden

Teacher at Nacka Music School, Stockholm

Olga Chernyadjeva

flute / Russia

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, professor at the St.Petersburg State Conservatory

Olga Gerasimova

flute / Russia

Head of Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion Department by Sviridov School of arts, St.Petersburg

Marta Plominska

flute / USA

Doctor of Musical Arts (A.B.D.), instructor at the University of Nevada (Las Vegas), Vice President of the Las Vegas Flute Club, soloist, chamber and orchestral musician

Yao Jing

flute / China

Fute teacher of the School of Music of Shanghai University, guest chief of fute of Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, guest chief of fute of Shanghai Opera House Symphony Orchestra, director of the Orchestra Professional Commitee of Shanghai Musicians Associaton

Fredrik Söhngen

oboe / Sweden

Principal oboist with the Royal Swedish Orchestra ”Kungliga Hovkapellet” at the Royal Swedish Opera

Martin Eriksson

clarinet, saxophone / Sweden

Saxophone teacher at Ingesund School of Music / Karlstad University

Eli-Marie Davidsen

clarinet, saxophone / Norway

Saxophonist freelance and member of Davidsen Duo (saxophone / guitar). Teacher at the Barratt Due Institute of Music

Andrey Bolshiyanov

clarinet, saxophone / Russia

Professor at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory

Birgitta Winland

Bassoon / Sweden

Principal Bassoonist of the Royal Opera Orchestra, teacher in some music academies in Sweden

Alius Maknavičius

trumpet / Lithuania

Artist of Klaipeda brass quintett

Kirill Lobikov

trombone / Russia

Teacher of the St. Petersburg Musical Lyceum and the Mussorgsky Music college

Igor Karzov

french horn / Russia

Сoncertmaster of the French horn group of St.Petersburg State Philarmonic Orchestra, associate professor St.Petersburg State Conservatory

Artemy Znamensky

Percussion / Russia

Soloist of the of the St. Petersburg State Philarmonic Orchestra, teacher of St. Petersburg State Conservatory

Xue Xiaolun

Percussion, jazz / China

Instructor of Jazz Drumming in in the Popular Music College of Nanjing University of Arts, standing director of IPEA Internatonal Percussion Educaton Associaton, standing director of Jiangsu Province Percussion Associaton, deputy director of the Pop Percussion Commitee, executve director of Qingdao City Percussion Associaton

Ji Dongyong

Composition / China

Composer, PhD, Associate Professor and Master's Supervisor at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, member of Shanghai Musicians Associaton and Director of Shanghai Computer Music Associaton.

Stanislav Chigadaev

jazz piano / Russia

Pianist, arranger, composer, laureate of international music competitions, founder of Stanislav Chigadaev Trio, Chigadaev Big Band, senior lecturer of Herzen University (St. Petersburg)