Over 3,000 participants since 2010

SIMC is a yearly event for children and adults who are passionate about classical music. Since its launch, the competition has attracted young musicians from more than 40 countries.

More than 50 jury members

Jury consists of prominent musicians, professors and educators from Sweden, the United States, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Finland, Austria, and China.

Online & live

You can take part in the competition online by sending us a link to your recorded performances, or you can perform at a live audition, held in Stockholm (Sweden). Either way, your performance will be evaluated by the same professional jury. All contestants receive certificates of participation, and winners are awarded Stockholm International Music Competition diplomas.

Masterclasses and networking

Are you looking to further your career or continue your music education in Europe or the United States? During the competition, you can network with our jury members and attend masterclasses (both live and online) and conferences.

Grand Prix winners and scholarship holders 2022

Excellent violinist from Austria, Grand Prix

Leonhard Baumgartner
(Grand Prix)

Violin group C, №103
Austria, Graz
University for Music and Performing Arts
Teacher: Regina Brandstätter
Acc. : Charlotte Baumgartner

Piano Duo, Audience Choice Award

Polina Karelina and German Markhasin

Ensemble Group 3, № 194
Russia, Yekaterinburg
Ural State Mussorgsky Conservatory
Teacher: Elena Lukyanova

Classic Piano trio, first prize winner

Trio “Somni”: Ionas Mercadal, Nils Friedl, Nino Gurevich

Ensemble Group 4, № 196
Germany, Munich / Augsburg
The University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, The Leopold Mozart Centre in Augsburg
Teacher: Harald Harrer, Mi-Kyung Lee

Ethnic percussion performer from China

Yilin Chen

Ethnic percussion group E, №188
China, Shanghai
Shanghai Conservatory of Music
Teacher: Tianqi Luo

Winner, great Saxophonist from Sweden

Petter Voilås

Saxophone group E, №172
Norway, Oslo
Norwegian academy of music
Teacher: Geir Holm
Acc. : Jarle Rotevatn, Patrik Johanson

Winner, excellent Clarinetist from Odessa and Paris

Oleksandr Zhehalov

Сlarinet group E, №165
France / Ukraine, Odessa / Paris
Conservatoire de Versailles
Teacher: Philippe Cuper
Acc. : Tetiana Kravchenko

Winner, Great oboist from Sweden

Josef Wijk

Oboe group E, №160
Sweden, Göteborg
Högskolan för Scen och Musik
Teacher: Mårten Larsson

A flutist from Poland plays with an orchestra, 1st prize

Łucja Chyrzyńska

Flute group E, №156
Poland, Kraków
Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music in Krakow
Teacher: Wiesław Suruło
Acc. : Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music Wind Orchestra, Monika Gardoń-Preinl

Violist, music competition group F, First prize

Qian Li

Viola group F, №122
China, Guangzhou
Xinghai Conservatory of Music
Teacher: Donglei Hou
Acc. : Shuyuan Zhu

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